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When the logo of the Dental Specialists Society of British Columbia (DSSBC) is used, a promise of excellence, integrity and professionalism is reflected. This powerful member benefit gives you visibility and recognition, and reflects you are part of a dental specialists community with high standards. Precision and consistency ensure the primary purpose of the DSSBC logo remains a mark of active membership.


The logo of the DSSBC is the exclusive property of the DSSBC. Any use or reproduction by anyone who is not an active DSSBC member or in good standing, or by any such member in a manner that does not conform to that described in this document, is prohibited. The DSSBC executive reserves the right to declare a use of the logo as inappropriate even if it does not directly contravene the rules described in this document. Inappropriate or unauthorised use of the logo may result in legal action and possible life time exclusion of future membership.


The action the DSSBC executive can take includes and is not restricted to: immediate cessation of active membership and the benefits that entails, a temporary of life-time ban on future membership, and other measures it deems necessary to protect the integrity of the DSSBC log and the DSSBC as a whole.


The rules for use will help you use them in a manner that upholds the integrity and distinction of the DSSBC:


1)      Who can use the DSSBC logo?

  • Only active members of the DSSBC
  • Permission to use the DSSBC logo ceases immediately when membership is terminated or not renewed regardless of the circumstances
  • The DSSBC executive reserves the right to ban member(s) from using the logo if they deem it necessary


2)      Where can the logo be used?

  • On stationery (envelopes, letterhead, fax and memo cover pages, etc...)
  • On business and appointment cards
  • On building interior and exterior doors
  • In postage meters
  • In practice Websites
  • In advertisements
  • In brochures and pamphlets
  • In electronic signatures
  • In directory listings


3)      What are the rules for using the logos?

  • Physical Modifications
    • The logo must be used in its entirety.
    • The logo may not be altered, including proportion, colour, element, type.
    • Never tilt, skew, expand, condense or place the DSSBC logo inside a shape.
    • ‘Active Member’ must be included if it is not obvious its use only identifies one as an active member.
    • Only the DSSBC executive represents the views of the DSSBC and only they are authorised represent the DSSBC as a whole.


  • Misrepresentation

    The DSSBC restricts the use of the logo in the following instances:
    • By a specialist in any circumstance(s) that would imply or suggest to the public that the specialist is a member in good standing of the DSSBC when that is not the case.
    • By a general dentist that would imply or suggest that the dentist is a certified specialist.
    • When member(s) and non-member(s) work in the same office(s) it must be obvious who is a member and who is not.
    • On stationery or Websites that contain otherwise unethical or illegal representations of the character of the practice.
    • A member’s stationery or Website bearing the DSSBC logo may only be used in conjunction with the professional practice of the certified specialty or specialties of the member(s).
    • In conjunction with social gatherings, continuing education and any other event that is not officially sponsored by the DSSBC.
  • Assimilation of Logo
    • DSSBC logo may not be used in connection with, assimilated by or merged in any way   with another design or trademark. This does not mean that a member’s stationery or Website cannot have any other design or trademark on it, but the DSSBC logo must be separate from any other  picture or design so as to:
      • Maintain its distinct identity.
      • Identify only the individual or individuals as members of the DSSBC.
    • Furthermore, the DSSBC logo may not be used on stationery or Websites that contain otherwise unethical or illegal representations of the character of the practice. Refer to Misrepresentation.
  • Presentations
    • The DSSBC logo may not be used on personal presentation title slides or other presentation slides obtained from sources outside the DSSBC.
    • Brochures and pamphlets
      • It must be clear the logo only represents membership in the DSSBC.
  • Colours and file types
    • The official colour of the ‘DSSBC’ logo is white font and background with a black banner and graphics. The logo in colour reproduction should always be black and white.
    • For the ‘Active Member’ logo the font of the ‘Active Member’ is black with a white background.


4)      Where can I get the logo? What if I have questions?

  • The president and executive of your specialty, they can provide the logo in a digital format.
  • They, too, can address most questions or concerns you may have in regards to the DSSBC logo and its use. If necessary a member of your executive can contact the DSSBC executive for clarification and guidance.