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In the early 1980’s, it became apparent there was a growing need to have an organised voice in British Columbia for dental specialists. At that time, there were relatively few specialists in the province and our profile in the dental community was low. The Interspecialty Dental Society was not properly structured to address the needs of specialists. Hence, a new society, the Dental Specialists Society of British Columbia (DSSBC), was formed in 1986 with Dr. Dennis Nimchuk as the inaugural president (picture above). The DSSBC works to raise awareness and promote the interests of specialists amongst general dentists, the public, and various governing bodies. The society continues to be a forum for members to develop their presentation skills and provide continuing dental education in their communities. 

Below is a list of past presidents of the DSSBC. Each specialty has had the honour of holding the title of president. The DSSBC executive is comprised of specialists from each field and is an example of almost thirty years of successful interdisciplinary co-operation and harmony. 





Interspecialty Dental Society of BC 1974 A. Swanson  
  1975 N. Basaraba  
  1976 D. Warren  
  1977 R. Komm  
  1978 T. Chiang  
  1979 J. Silver  
  1980 P. Munns  
  1981 P. Munns  
  1982 P. Munns  
DSSBC 1987 Dennis Nimchuk Pros
  1988 John Fraser Endo
  1989 David Bridge Prosthodontics
  1992 Bob Priddy Oral Path
  1993 Richard Kramer Paedo
  1994 Raymon Greenfeld Endo
  1995 Colin Price Oral Radiology
  1996 Marty Aidelbaum OMS
  1997 John Carpendale Pros
  1998 Allan Hovan OMP
  1999 Bernard Lim Ortho
  2000 Scotta Yamoaka Perio
  2001 Michael Henry OMS
  2002 Timothy Tam Pedo
  2003 Ritchie Mah Ortho
  2004 Howard Bittner Endo
  2005 Don Scheideman Pedo
  2006 Ross Bryant Pros
  2007 Matthew Ng Ortho
  2008 Reza Nouri Pedo
  2009 Doug Conn Endo
  2010 Toby Bellamy OMS
  2011 Mark Olesen Endo
  2012 Samson Ng OMP
  2013 Joel Fransen Endo
  2014 Raymon Grewal OMS
  2015 Richard Chau OMS